Thursday, August 22, 2019

Today we do Awesome Ombre. I masked off an oval space and laid down green in going from bottom to top with green ink. I added some wild flower silhouettes and a sentiment. 

Camp Create Day 4

Camp Create day 4 is Monochromatic Magic. This is always the most difficult for me, but it came together nicely. I love not only the variance of the shade but also the light and dark, I'll definitely be trying this again.

Camp Create Day 3

Today's challenge is Background Bonanza. The video suggested using die cuts to make a background. I brought my die cut words along, so I will need lots of Thank You cards to send to folks who made my vacation in Cincinnati so much fun.

Camp Create Day 2

Today's challenge was Magnificent Masking. I cut on oval mask and used watercolors in rainbow colors around the mask. When all was dry, I added a sentiment. 

Camp Create Day 1

Today was Inlaid Made Easy. I chose to inlay the Rainbow on this card. I mixed the old style with a new greeting and I love the way it turned out.